Zhejiang’s most popular portal selection activities progressing smoothly

is going to see who laughs last?

media reports: according to Zhejiang’s most popular portal site selection committee reliable news, 2010 Zhejiang’s most popular portal selection activities progressing smoothly. As of April 19, 2010, Zhejiang has 116 sites registered the selection activities, nearly 90 in line with the selection criteria of the portal to participate in the selection activities. At present, the event has entered the voting stage, Hongqiao portal, Cangnan network, Goojje information network, Xiangshan online, Yiwu 15 street, Junshan forum, Ling’an CC, Cangnan, and the charm of Chouzhou forum, 99 guest has selected impact site has entered into the comprehensive canvassing stage. In addition, China Jiangshan, Jiande life network, Changxin port, Jiashan life network, Ling’an city network, Yuci life network and many other sites is not resigned to playing second fiddle momentum, struggling to catch up, will gradually narrow the votes to win the final victory, refueling. Thus, the sense of belonging among the villagers suddenly strong, but also the most popular site selection activities in Zhejiang add vitality.

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Zhejiang is the most popular portal site selection activities by price comparison network combined with A5 nets, Zhejiang city network, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Ningbo station network hotline information port more than and 20 network media jointly organized a large online community selection activities, the activities launched by the Zhejiang set off a wave of the Internet boom, Zhejiang is the check their portal website operation status and how to form a good opportunity for loyal customers. Is not by the Zhejiang Yima travel agency, the exclusive sponsor of the Expo gift, is to let the contest provides the basis for many users of popular products unique Expo travel and tourism guide, but also makes users can participate in the selection of the network to participate in the selection of the close to the Expo, the city elected to have the opportunity to let the webmaster visit Shanghai World Expo do not feel the same process.

Zhejiang portal with Expo about

representative of the organizer price comparison network operations director Wang Hengzhi said that with the rapid development of China Internet today, Zhejiang Internet from scratch, from small to large, gradually developed into a force to be reckoned with, changing all aspects of people’s lives in Zhejiang. And the "Zhejiang’s most popular portal" selection activities meant Zhejiang grassroots webmaster, Zhejiang province pays close attention to the Internet backbone; also coincides with the Labor Day approaching, activities are also on certain years of efforts and attention webmaster; at the same time also hopes to help Shanghai World Expo the opportunity to provide a communication, interaction and learning the platform for the webmaster, one can let the webmaster have a party, will provide a free trip to World Expo for the owners of Tourism Awards; on the other hand, is also conducive to the development of the Internet in Zhejiang Province, the integration of resources to promote industrial complementarity.

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was also informed that this event: http://s.travel.jiage.cc/huodong/2010shibohui/, also got the country >

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