Stationmaster net broadcast Suzhou cracked network Keywords fraud biography fair market in June 1st

1 Suzhou cracked network keyword fraud involving nearly billion

has encountered a problem how to do Internet search keyword input?. Therefore, "keyword" is of great significance to establish and promote the brand on the network. Criminals on the use of this emerging network of things, cheat others money. Last year, Suzhou police cracked the use of the network keyword fraud case, the case is the first case in Jiangsu, the country more than 1 thousand and 500 people cheated. Currently, the case is still under further processing.

keyword holder cheated nearly 500 thousand yuan

Suzhou, a retired employee of Real Estate Company Wang Shuai (a pseudonym), had previously registered a name "Suzhou real estate" keywords. In May 2013, Wang Shuai received the Suzhou chuangrong Software Technology Co. Ltd. the phone, the other said: "now the seller offered 100 million to buy keywords you now hold, intermediary has commissioned our company as the key to sell, if interested, can come to the company to negotiate." Wang Shuai a listen, immediately to the interest.

2 largest domestic WeChat suction powder company founder was caught inside the secret brush powder industry


rumors, Liu Dengpan received a total of 70 million yuan of traditional enterprises, Tencent has been reported to the Shenzhen Nanshan Public Security Bureau arrested ", which served as the founder; new rookie is ranked first in the machine plus powder service providers, the company increased the fans have a more professional flow.

last week, the electricity business insider Gong Wenxiang micro-blog broke the news that the country’s largest WeChat suction powder company rookie rookie founder Liu Dengpan was arrested, but the specific reasons unknown. Recently, the police and the new rookie staff confirmed that Liu Dengpan was in December 29th last year or so was taken away by the police.

3 stick this year to implement the real name system: the background of the real name of the voluntary principle  

National Internet Information Office held a press conference yesterday, announced the recent closure of a number of websites, columns and WeChat public accounts. The total of 50 websites, channels (columns) and WeChat public account was closed according to law, including 24 sites, 9 web sites (columns) and the number of WeChat public 17. According to the National Network Information Office Mobile Network Management Bureau Xu Feng introduced, in addition to the instant communication of real name system, this year the national network information office will comprehensively promote the network real identity information management, with the background real name, the voluntary "principle, including micro-blog, Post Bar are the real name system, this will strengthen the supervision and management of law enforcement the strength of.

– counterfeit "discipline inspection teams" shut down

yesterday’s conference, the National Network Information Office spokesman Jiang Jun recently informed the 50 shut down websites, channels (columns) and WeChat public accounts, including 24 sites, 9 sites (column) and channel 17 WeChat public number.

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