Word of mouth network Taiwan station on the line to the mainland tourists to show the most authentic

recently, Taobao’s consumer guide and commentary platform word of mouth network (koubei.com), announced its Taiwan station in Beijing (taiwan.koubei.com) formally launched. It is reported that this is the life service website for the first time to enter the Taiwan market, Taiwan station area, word-of-mouth network become the first showcase of Taiwan local consumer information platform for people on both sides, business communication and interaction in the field of consumer. Through word of mouth network Taiwan station, mainland tourists can understand the most authentic Taiwan.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences published the "2010 China tourism development analysis and forecast" pointed out that since 2008, the Taiwan area into the island tourism market growth trend, 2009 exceeded 4 million passengers mark, the mainland jumped to Taiwan into the island tourism second tourists in 2010, or will become the island’s largest source of tourism.

behind the number of people from the mainland to Taiwan tourism growing, mainland China is lack of Taiwan local people to understand consumer information channels. With the form of tourism diversification and people’s consumption capacity, mainland people travel for the personalized, localized consumer demand increasingly strong, but obviously can not meet the requirements of Taiwan, the feelings of the people, many mainland people would like to close to the people of Taiwan local life, enjoy a richer Taiwan. However, in addition to the Taiwan consumer information and extensive online scattered tourism Raiders and travel agency provided by the mainland people to know the basic situation of consumption in Taiwan, not to mention the participation of Taiwan businessmen and consumers interact, although the domestic life service platform of rapid development, but in Taiwan local life information presented on the blank.

now, word of mouth network Taiwan station not only solve the problem of the mainland people to get access to local consumer information channels in Taiwan lack of problems, but also opened up a network of people on both sides of the channel.

It is reported that

, in order to ensure the reputation network Taiwan station can present as far as possible rich Taiwan local consumer information, network technology and word-of-mouth network from Taiwan to form alliances to authorize its exclusive agent in Taiwan city and the reputation of the network, Citytalk network’s strength, love on net Taiwan popular website content into the word-of-mouth network Taiwan station. In order to realize the localization of word-of-mouth network Taiwan station operation. Word of mouth network general manager Zhang Yu said, "Taiwan is the first station of word-of-mouth network local consumption a platform based in Taiwan, with consumer behavior, accumulated rich Taiwan local people comment, event information, to realize the guiding value to mainland tourists". Network technology CEO said: "You Shi Yi reputation network station of Taiwan strive to be the true Taiwan flavor to the mainland netizens. Make friends in the mainland, Taiwan can feel "on the screen brings surprises, become the most immediate communication channels between the two sides."

see in the word-of-mouth network Taiwan station reporter. The site provides information about Taiwan local entertainment, catering, shopping, tourism, delicacy of public facilities and other fields stores detailed information, as well as by the Taiwan local businesses, people initiated with >