The survival way of local news station

      today, the Internet is developing at a hitherto unknown speed, relative with the central focus of news sites and large commercial sites, some media background of local news website, due to a strong media resources, grasp the information source, and there are many traditional media practitioners to enrich the site. Coupled with the market-oriented operation and management mode, the emerging forces of rapid development, has become the backbone of the local Internet industry. Of course, these sites also have some problems obviously, that is the local characteristics is not very clear, as the central focus of news sites and large commercial sites, with real estate, domestic news, international news, cars and other channels, resulting in thousands of network side ", how to highlight the local characteristics of local news websites. Enhance the influence has become an imminent problem.

      strengthening local characteristics

      is the survival way of local news portal

      universal in the early days of the Internet, the network information for local suppliers to establish a port, this is the first batch of local portal nature of the site, and then is from the implementation of the local government online project, and the birth of a number of local sites. The information port and local government portal website has potential, but most of them neglect operations, only the image. As a warning, relying on the media in the local news website content updates on the strength, but the development of the Internet requires local news website is not only simple, but also unique, so as to occupy a space for one person in the internet.

      "only the nation, is the world", similarly, only local, is China, the world. With the rapid development of the Internet today, as long as a mouse a cat can login anywhere in the world, then, in front of the central focus of news sites and key news websites of large commercial websites strong competitive advantage, the wealth and power is how to do the short board local news website, this is not only the development of the problem is the problem of survival, even.

      Web site’s attention is the life of the website. So, how can we allow users to focus on local sites? To sum up, it is necessary to achieve the localization of the site, localization, in line with the purpose of serving local users, increase the sense of belonging to local users.

      strengthen the integration and collection of local news

      highlight the characteristics of network media

      in January 23, 2007, China Internet Network Information Center released the nineteenth China Internet development statistics >