Yeeyan CEO the establishment of a hierarchical structure of the Crowdsourcing mode

", translation, reading Chinese outside the Internet essence" this sentence is placed in the most eye-catching Yeeyan home position, elegant and accurately summarize the value of yeeyan.

in April 2007, three Chinese engineers working at Silicon Valley in the United States to work together to create an open community translation platform. Most translators put Internet essence content translated into Chinese Chinese outside, published on the website, dedicated to the company building into a powerful content provider and translator community activities.

is a collaborative translation and knowledge sharing as the theme of the community, the difficulties encountered in the context of user development and community construction. From the tax system to test the translator version leveraging big community platform, every step of every ring has challenged the erratic manner of perseverance and patience.

"I will embrace the uncertainty that only this kind of uncertainty will lead to innovation." Yeeyan CEO Zhao Jiamin summed up the calm and wonderful Yeeyan attitude, is the best attitude yeeyan.

ask: how Yeeyan and foreign media cooperation to effect? What do you see on the path of Yeeyan after


Zhao Jiamin: we have been thinking about how to cooperate with the big platform. Small communities should have access to a large platform for survival and development opportunities.

is now planning or implementing a lot of foreign media into China’s strategy. It can be said that the opportunity is still there, but a lot of people are staring at this cake, including some of the major domestic media, regular media, so for the cooperation with foreign media, I am not very optimistic.

but one thing is becoming clear to me: Yeeyan as a community, more like a piece of soil. This can grow what kind of things, we can give it a variety of expectations, not necessarily in the short term to allow it to enter a very fixed process and mode. I am looking forward to this piece of soil in the future can grow anything new, fun things.

in my eyes, we have to embrace the uncertainty of this uncertainty will lead to innovation. In the process of uncertainty, we can not fear, anxiety, but to be full of confidence, set rules to make good to emerge, and guide.

asked: "Crowdsourcing" is very popular recently, innovation, but also the concept of kernel yeeyan. What do you think of crowdsourcing model?

Zhao Jiamin: "crowdsourcing" is a new concept put forward by American magazine in 2006. It refers to the work done by an organization or institution in the form of free and voluntary outsourcing to a group of people who have no clear boundaries and no clear organization. This is reflected in the "work" Yeeyan for translation of a book.

crowdsourcing is indeed an innovation. But I think, as an innovation point must have their own depth. Now many of the innovations are superficial, more like a fashion. Crowdsourcing >

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