Overseas purchasing fashion airline stewardess case effect have to transfer


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reporter Tang Ye Lu Qiwen

for online shopping enthusiasts, purchasing must not be strange, all buyers want to get the goods, almost all the seller to provide purchasing services. The main motivation of buyers purchasing choice is simply because the price of purchasing by others, can lower the price to buy the same goods, Why not??

however, the recent flight attendant was sentenced to 11 years to make the purchase of a sensitive word, especially overseas purchasing. Overseas purchasing seller how to do business? Who is a professional seller, who is an amateur seller? Who is purchasing industry chain on consumers? Regulars of overseas purchasing and how mixed? This period special plan will be solved these problems.

professional purchasing: micro-blog to do publicity to open "trumpet"

went out with an empty box, and when he got home, it was very heavy. Such people are likely to be professional purchasing agent. However, the human backpack is the primary mode of professional purchasing. Today, overseas purchasing mainly developed into three categories, one is individual went shopping abroad or professional purchasing team to go overseas to buy target goods shipped back to China after sales; two is the individual sellers through overseas shopping website mail order, then purchasing; three is the overseas sellers through their own environment, help domestic buyers purchasing, then mailed to the buyer.

at present, more than the pursuit of overseas purchasing, including the United States, Europe purchasing and purchasing. It is reported that the United States is mainly purchasing cosmetics, nutrition and health care products, baby products and other European purchasing; maximum target customers of all kinds of luxury brands, watches and Japan; purchasing of digital electronic products, fashion, toys and baby doll products are most popular.

since micro-blog became popular, this instant communication platform has become a buyer’s seller has entered the marketing position. Reporters in the Sina micro-blog search contains the purchasing of the user, showing more than 500 results. It is understood that the micro-blog Taobao stores are generally publicity channels, upload product introduction can attract more potential buyers in forwarding, and most of them will indicate the main business and Taobao store address in micro-blog.

full-time engaged in the United States purchasing gold lady told reporters that since the opening of micro-blog, customer base growth doubled. Miss Kim found that most customers are interested in Oteri J discount products, so the focus here. Miss Kim every time in the store, see a high price discount merchandise, immediately take pictures of micro-blog, and attach the price and size, in accordance with the order of the fans in order to make a reservation. And so she finished, and then put these goods into the Taobao store, the link to the corresponding buyers. Miss Kim from the unified collection of 5% of the purchasing fee, due to the price is clear, micro-blog live, coupled with the high cost of goods, making her purchasing shop popularity, micro-blog fans have more than 10 thousand people. >

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