Capital on the electricity supplier to the cold caused by the end of the excess salary of about 30%

is a high-end talent berserk supplier in the last year, this year is hard to find jobs. Recently, many recruiters told reporters reflect, "overall, high-end talent in the Internet this year, demand has declined compared to last year, the most obvious is the electricity supplier industry, enterprises pay almost dropped 30%". For the above changes, the industry believes that the biggest reason is that this year’s capital environment is poor, a lot of high-end talent in order to find a better platform for automatic turnover, resulting in the relative surplus of such personnel.

IT recruitment heat drop

this year 1-5 month, IT industry demand overall growth of 59.5% over the same period last year, the data in the 65.3% last year, the recruitment demand dropped 4.8 percentage points, which means that although IT industry recruitment demand this year is still strong, but growth has been less than last year." Zhaopin Senior occupation consultant Hao Jian recently admitted to the media.

at the same time, hundred Bo data show that in 2010, in 2011, IT industry recruitment is particularly large, companies recruit recruit more full, but this year, such as Alibaba and some companies have a slight shrinkage of the demand for employees. Reporters log on to a recruitment website found that the current recruitment of Alibaba in the site requires only 55 jobs, and the position is basically the recruitment of customer service, sales, customer managers, etc..

in addition, insiders said that the recruitment status of heat in this year the Internet gradually weakened, first is the electronic commerce industry, especially in the high-end talent demand in this industry is not so crazy last year, especially the number of recruitment in the R & D of almost half less than last year.

director salary tumbled nearly 100 thousand

in general, last year, the electricity supplier class corporate marketing director of the annual salary of about 300 thousand yuan, and only $250 thousand before tax this year." Ms. Zhang hired a headhunter to reporters, for example, according to this figure, the director of the annual salary level fell by nearly 30%, just a year less than $100 thousand.

"from the industry as a whole, a good enterprise product director of last year’s annual salary is about 400 thousand yuan, and this year the enterprise salary is 300 thousand -40 million yuan, more or less to pay enterprises make a micro cut." A recruitment website headhunting mr..

decline in the prevalence of the electricity supplier industry, which the largest decline in the field of data from the parties, the most serious decline in the group buying industry. At this point, it seems that practitioners have the right to speak. Group purchase person Mr Wong told reporters, "now a top three group purchase website dig feet a director level talent offer is $500 thousand a year, and this year the price has dropped to 300 thousand yuan". This change, the person explained that the last year of high-end talent is the first to grab again, now the capital environment has not improved, the prospects for the development of enterprises is not clear, some high-end people will choose self employment to find a new development platform, which resulted in excess of high-end talent.

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