WeChat public platform rules to adjust the crackdown in imitation of colon

WeChat public platform has become an important platform for corporate advocacy, providing services, as well as from the media sound. While WeChat’s public platform rules are constantly improving and improving.

WeChat public platform recently adjusted the rules again. Expand the scope of the type of public accounts, and support 1 cents verification; new registered users must be verified by individuals or businesses, and publicity; the most severe crackdown on counterfeiting.

After the

adjustment, the original is limited to the type of small business to the public verification method, open to the media, other types of organizations. And just let the Tencent to the user’s Bank to make a penny on the public account, you can use the bank’s system authentication. If you can not make money on the public, you can choose to submit materials directly apply for WeChat certification.

addition, the future of the user must be registered in the public number of the main information, personal or corporate identity verification in order to successfully register. WeChat public platform will be in the public information page, the publicity of the authentication information, currently does not support shielding and error correction.

for public number infringement or counterfeiting, WeChat team promised to be the most severe blow.

this adjustment in the WeChat platform using standard parts specially "counterfeit, nickname, avatar, confuse others account function or publication, or using the name of others, posing as the" listed separately. If you find yourself counterfeit, you can follow the guidelines for the submission of infringement reporting materials.

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