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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 11th news earlier this month, Sina micro-blog announced this month to month end of the station open micro-blog payment, whether has the business license of the enterprise or the ordinary real name authentication of personal account can submit an application, after approval by micro-blog to access transactions.

at the end of the month to pay after the station open micro-blog, Sina and micro-blog will form a "closed loop transaction browse – interest – Single – payment – sharing, and no longer need to pay part of the jump to third party sites, this experience will pay the same with WeChat. In the mobile providers and mobile payments, also stressed the social attributes of WeChat and micro-blog who will fight hand to hand with,

came out on top?

it is reported that in the past micro-blog purchase process, in the payment link often need to jump to the third party site, it is easy to interrupt the user’s purchase process, resulting in the loss of users. Micro-blog paid to launch, will break the bottleneck. Test results show that the effect of the transaction before the transaction to pay more than micro-blog jumped 3-4 times.

it is worth noting that micro-blog would sell threshold is much lower than WeChat. In micro-blog, there is no registered company can sellers within the micro-blog system, this concept is more close to the "derivative". Even insiders pointed out that the launch of micro-blog pay, may be in accordance with the Tencent in the mobile terminal WeChat payment related. No doubt, in the construction of micro business ecology, Ali department more experience. Compared with WeChat’s closed space, micro-blog’s platform is open, users can find something to be interested in the search, which is similar to the flow of electricity supplier Ali Department structure.

for micro-blog and WeChat to pay payments, some analysts said, WeChat is connected to everything, including people and people, people and businesses, people and things, be able to open up the business closed loop, users need to pay for things to solve in a closed loop. In contrast, micro-blog tends to a transfer of information, micro-blog payment ultimately serve the interests of the user as the core, not the real scene combined with life.

electricity supplier veteran matador believes that in the whole electricity supplier ecosystem in the primary mission, the micro-blog platform should be the most developed commercial publishing platform, to upload goods with the release of micro-blog articles like simple and quick, help businesses quickly entered the market sales of products. In addition to providing a super entrance shopping gathering information flow, on the one hand can enhance the conversion rate, on the other hand, can educate consumers to develop the habit of micro-blog shopping.

in micro-blog as the market should be the leading role, and should not be a bystander or supervisor. Micro-blog electric to subvert the traditional business requires greater courage.

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