Yuantong Express has proposed to the civil aviation authority to apply for the establishment of airl

in extensive network Beijing on November 27th news (reporter Xiao Yuan) according to voice of Chinese "peak Evening News" reported that two days ago, China cargo air transport association opened the history of the most stringent ticket: " " Shanghai tact, rhyme and other 4 courier companies banned cargo. A month ago, after a flight landed at the airport in Dalian cargo ship cargo spontaneous combustion occurs. The spontaneous delivery of goods consignment is rhyme express.

in the rapid development of the logistics industry today, the prohibition of air transport to a courier company, the blow is heavy. Recently, Yuantong Express said, is to build their own Civil Aviation Administration for airlines, to realize their own transportation to the united.

Two days before

, China Air Transport Association to make a known history of the most stringent air ticket: including Shanghai tact, rhyme and other four companies were canceled freight agent qualification, the airline also no longer carrying the four companies Lanshou goods. The ticket to the Yuantong express, it means that in the Shanghai area in 1 years not by air cargo.

tact company on its website on the customer to make the punishment book, which said, please rest assured our customers, our express runs normally, through our shipment will not express limitation so affected.

in addition, Yuantong Express also said recently that has made an application to the civil aviation authority, to build their own airline tact. If approved, the airline’s future ten years Yuantong invested 5 billion 500 million yuan to build the headquarters will be located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yuantong, will be the introduction of their cargo shipping packages. This news has also been confirmed Yuantong headquarters.

must be opened to air Yuantong development and Aviation Association tickets have Never mind? Express Logistics Advisory Network Principal Consultant Xu Yong said, no direct link between the two.

Xu Yong: the correlation between the two is not very high, because the courier company of dangerous goods belong to the case, the world’s top 500 companies inside the courier companies also experienced similar dangerous goods on the plane, and even the plane crash incident happened, but it did not affect the whole operation. The need to strengthen the supervision on safety in the future, to strengthen its work process, I think the air freight company than the establishment of a greater challenge, if cannot ensure safety, air cargo company’s security is also very difficult to guarantee.

in fact, the courier companies have their own airlines in our country precedent. At present, SF, EMS of the two courier companies were set up their own airlines. Such as SF, now owns 7 all cargo aircraft, in addition to other airlines cargo charter. Xu Yong mentioned that the establishment of their own Airlines is the future development trend of China’s express delivery companies. Express companies in terms of the courier company before the integration of heaven and the advantages of road transport, can greatly improve the efficiency of logistics, to achieve the effect of the city between different cities, the morning of receipt of delivery.

as a result of the improvement of logistics efficiency, the previous one to power >

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