Dating sites PK dating sites who will win

      over the past four years, the Internet to imitate Europe and the United States marriage website model, and in the context of the United States and Europe VC capital set up, the establishment of a large number of dating sites. In an interview at the end of August, we learned that the original after a fierce and eliminated, Lily network, several well-known Jiayuan dating sites after it embarrassing to find talent shows itself, and they have been regarded as the classic pattern of Europe in Chinese unexpectedly fell lost. Since 2005, the emergence of Web2.0, Web2.0 development momentum is like a raging flame spread out, so based on the concept of SNS dating platform website has grown rapidly. Many people began to think that the marriage website has become the past, will be replaced by a thriving dating sites. We look at today, dating sites and dating sites, in the end their characteristics and differences in where? The future of the world, who is the protagonist? A case study of the 9158 interactive homes of Lily network and comprehensive dating class.

      PK first game: page style

      Lily net;      

      red based color, full of mature feeling, coupled with the image of the top of the page is kind enough to give people a warm home, can enter the hearts of people, the entire page of the red atmosphere.


      9158 four numbers in four different color collocation, bright good-looking, the entire page in blue, four colors that digital jump collocation, vivid and flexible, full of passion, spiritual look younger.

      in contrast, these two sites attracted by people not exactly the same kind, so each to highlight the level of marriage website highlighting the feeling of stability and warmth, dating site is a prominent dynamic, prominent change, highlighting the avant-garde fashion sense.

      PK second board: Forum and function

      Lily: Lily network love search (search for objects in line with their own conditions), I want to marriage, Lily (Lilium VIP service), psychological testing, love (including the love collection, media reports, and love Wishing Wall test and Lily Forum), dating activity, success story.

      9158:9158, a hodgepodge of personal home video, video chat, karaoke room, forum, group forum, individual homes and integrated photo albums, video, music, friends, diaries, messages and other functions.

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