45 multiplication domain name to a Com enabled site 13

for 1X1=1, 2X5=10, 3X4=12… "Until" 9X9=81 "multiplication table, you can recite fluently from memory. But if you find the sign and sign out, just like a gourmet digital domain name?.com suffix, 2510.com, 3412.com etc. this kind of domain name only 45, the following is to focus on the dynamic data multiplication domain.


diagram: 45 multiplication port.Com domain name use

domain name has to remember the multiplication table, uncensured etc., by domestic and foreign investors alike. From the above data, 3 digital domain 111.com has been built to foreign websites; 122.com built traffic; 155.com site navigation platform at present as the thunder’s; the 166.com have to jump to the NetEase 163.com, it is understood that the domain name holder for the Guangzhou NetEase computer system limited company. It also owns 166.net, 188.com/.net domain, 188.com has built 188 wealth post; and the domain name 199.com was renamed China easily beat easy to sell to 466 thousand yuan. Now shoot, jump to the navigation network.

earlier, the famous political bokee.com has also Huffington Post spent $25 million acquisition of entertainment news website 236.com, the domain name has been unable to access the domain name; and 2918.com has built the web game platform; domain name 3515.com to build the site navigation platform; the domain name 4416.com to jump to foreign websites; digital 4832.com jump to the 9981.net site; domain name 5525.com to build a super cloud server platform.

in the multiplication table, the best of the best is the domain name 3721.com, after 360 Zhou Hongyi founded the 3721 website domain name, after sold to YAHOO for $120 million. YAHOO was eventually abandoned, the domain name has been unable to visit. There are users that 3721.com is not a good enough to remember the multiplication mouth. Let the domain name 3721.com really immortalized is an allusion evolved saying "regardless of the consequence". The cultural domain is valuable, like Baidu.com, he found the degreeses, domain name YouYuan.com, can meet these domain names, why, because culture.

in addition, 4 digital 5735.com holder for amusement Technology Group Co. Ltd; 9981.com has built shopping sites; Beijing Huoying earlier acquisition times the network domain name 8864.com, has built 8864 game platform. Of course, in the digital domain without the establishment of 2612.com, homonym for "love love" in the 3412.com, 34 Shun Zi, 12.

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