11 year old bus to start again Blogbus new on line

        11 year old bus re starting, Blogbus version of the new line, update iOS, Android client


in the impetuous of the Internet, the 11 year old blog bus special enough: it is from the beginning of 2002, crossed the 09, 10 years on PV peak, stop million station storm, met 11 years of being black trouble; it has received $3 million in venture capital in 06 years, because of differences in the redemption of shares for 09 years, in the most difficult time of less than 10 people to the rest of the team. In today’s blog bus CEO warer "to BlogBus user of a letter", blog bus experienced 11 years of being careful road. And with this news, that is, Blogbus to start again.

yesterday, the new version of Blogbus formally launched, while updating the Android and iOS client. I am the most value with the old blog bus height of its users, in the know this event, could not help but immediately download the client, registered a "Raina start" blog. Is still fresh green, blog bus home using the form of Pinterest Bowen will be based on different themes together, so that the layout also appears in the mobile client.

like warer said in the article, the Facebook is not in the dormitory was born, when the popularity of the Myspace, the Blogbus team has to make a new product from the perspective of domestic users, but this team finally led to the redemption of shares, restricted the development of the situation. And now, Blogbus version of the new line, coupled with Android, iOS, Windows8 mobile terminal support, the team also boil down, is planning to do different new products.

things change fast. In the blog’s voice faded, social media, mobile Internet popular today, Blogger and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams founded the next generation blog Medium, this paper intended to recover the original simplicity, to. As the first Chinese blog site for commercial operation and charging service, how will the 11 year old blog bus start again?.

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