Behind the Tencent amnesty Kang Sheng webmaster is dead

features a number of days of delay in August 23rd "by the Tencent acquisition Comsenz" rumors, finally with the domain name and owners of Tencent, is That’s final. This means that China’s largest community software platform will be set up by China’s most powerful Internet companies. Although many webmaster lament their future by the website Comsenz amnesty, but put aside the emotional factors, from the rational business point of view, this is not necessarily a good ending.

Kang Sheng sale intention: live

Dai Zhikang mentioned in the meaningful mail, the world, the only constant is change.

Comsenz early was optimistic about the industry, Zhou Hongyi received $80 thousand in angel investment, in exchange for a 15% stake in Hong sheng. After the completion of two rounds of financing, respectively, in July 2006 and in March 2008, won Sequoia $1 million in exchange for a 20% stake, Google also invested $1 million, but the equity is unknown.

Comsenz financing after the development has encountered a bottleneck. Although plenty of users and resources, but profitability has been facing enormous difficulties. After testing the community marketing, web games, open platform and SNS, did not bring new profit model. News from the internal display, Kang Sheng annual revenue scale of only ten million yuan level. Such income is clearly unable to support investors and the company’s future development.

phpwind and at the same time, competitors have invested Alibaba layout, to achieve a large Ma become Taobao’s strategy, while the PHPCMS is cool 6 after the acquisition has turned to the grand. Both from Alibaba and Shanda received funding, human resources and support, began to erode the Discuz market.

in the face of the above two kinds of pressure, Kang Sheng shareholders have begun to seek acquisitions since the beginning of 2010, to find a "backer" for itself to continue to develop.

for the acquisition of Tencent details, there are two versions: one, according to reliable sources disclosed that the Tencent of Comsenz acquisitions completed in July, the acquisition of the amount of 170 million yuan, or about $25 million, through the acquisition of cash plus equity manner, take the acquisition of 51% equity holdings. Two, August 23rd, another person close to the top of the disclosure of Tencent acquisition Comsenz, Comsenz 100% stake for more than $60 million the amount of Sequoia and Zhou Hongyi or will achieve cash withdrawal. But even $60 million, Tencent acquired Kang Sheng’s capital is far below the market value of Tencent 5%, Tencent does not have the obligation to declare, so the above two statements are not textual research.

Tencent acquisition intention: in order to search and pat

according to some owners revealed the current Tencent search has with Kang Sheng Discuz! Open up, can realize the personalized search forum.

Chinese Internet Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba three, search.

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