China’s rapid development of social networking micro blog into a new platform

many companies around the world are studying how to use social media for recruitment, while the Chinese market situation has a reference.

the recruitment industry in the United States with the development of business and technology, and has a long history. In contrast, the recruitment industry in China is related to the development of China’s private economy. In China, the rapid development of social networking sites, while companies still lack the appropriate recruitment platform. This prompted many companies to try to use social media to recruit.

Human resources consulting firm

SHL Group in Asia, the Middle East and Africa President Mike · Timms (Mike Tims) said: "the traditional recruitment process by Western understanding after 1978 was introduced to Chinese, and closely related to economic liberalization. This makes Chinese more easily changed the traditional recruitment, accept new ways."

micro-blog into a new recruitment channels

in some multinational companies, how to use social media to recruit ideas often come from the Chinese business sector. DDT’s Chinese sector last September on Sina micro-blog’s recruitment page provides a virtual office trip". This creates a community for potential job seekers to create an interactive relationship between business and job seekers.

DDT’s virtual office tour is like a video game. Journey from the airport, the user can choose destinations, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong. After visitors "fly" to the cities they choose, and arrive at DDT’s virtual offices in these cities, they can travel to various places, such as a conference room, and talk to their employees. At each of the different sites, visitors can get a green marker, and the journey will end after 6 markers.

so far, about 17 thousand people participated in DDT’s virtual office trip". DDT China Recruitment Supervisor Arthur · Wang (Arthur) said that DDT is located in other parts of the world also plans to adopt the same move.

DDT China Sina recruitment page on 2010 on the line, there are currently 48 thousand and 500 fans in the past. Arthur · Wang said: "some fans are very active, they often send us messages or questions." When DDT tried to find some interns, this community is very effective. In a few hours, DDT will be able to get enough job applications.

around the world, more and more companies began to use social media to recruit. In an annual global survey conducted by SHL Group, 46% of respondents said that social media sites are an effective tool in recruitment, and can help find high-quality job seekers. This ratio is higher than last year’s 36%.

online recruitment platform immature

part of China’s social recruitment is also due to the challenges encountered in the Chinese market. Recruitment experts said that China’s online job platform can only suck >

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