CN domain names rose to 10 million 654 thousand in June a net increase of 78 thousand

IDC network ( on 24 August 07 reports: according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest data show that as of June 2014,.CN domain total reached 10654709, the chain in May, a net increase of 78203, to stop the decline last month, registered in good condition.

(Figure 1).CN domain growth trend chart

Figure 1

observation data, review of IDC network was informed that in the first half of 2014 (January 2014 to June 2014) during the.CN domain name at the beginning of the year there had been a downturn in the day, but from the beginning of March, will continue to rise, until May, there has been negative growth phenomenon slightly. But in June, the successful implementation of the domain name.CN rally, net growth, now a total of 10654709

below, please pay attention to the detailed statistics of.CN domain name in June with IDC review network.


(Figure 2) 2014.CN domain name statistical chart

according to figure 2, you can clearly see, in June,.Cn domain is still dominant position and no one can, the total reached 8506143, a net increase of 60791, the proportion reached 79.8%, but compared to last month, a decrease of 0.1%, the remaining part of the visible.Cn suffix have relatively better gains.

also ranked second in domain, the total amount of 1093941, a net increase of 13820, accounting for 10.3%, 0.1% more than last week; the third is domain name, total 765605, a net increase of 479, accounting for 7.2% and last week. While the rest of the domain name suffix.Cn accounted for less than 3% and up.

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