Banyan rongshuxia com domain name will fall who

webmaster admin5.com3 19 news: according to informed sources exclusively revealed that the local gaming companies to rainstorm entertainment literature website under the banyan tree ( issued a final "ultimatum", said the acquisition of 03 month 31 days ago if you do not accept the offer, will give up the acquisition and launch of the new website under the banyan tree. According to reports, the perfect time and space are also interested in the acquisition of banyan.

according to information, under the banyan tree founder Zhu Weilian founded the network in 1997, when it was just a personal website, just a few years, the development of the country’s largest original website. In 2002, Zhu Weilian will be under the banyan tree site to ten million sold to the global media giant Bertelsmann Bertelsmann, was "half price" sold to a happy medium.

twists and turns, in November 2008, the body position rainstorm recreation CEO Zhu Weilian admitted for the first time on feelings under the banyan tree is not shallow, the high price to buy under the banyan tree is a kind of spiritual sustenance. But the perfect time of the "spoiler" that he had to do hands ready". Zhu Weilian said that if in March 31st before the deadline does not accept the price of its acquisition, then the next site will be on the new banyan.

then Zhu Weilian said, the new domain name, web site under the banyan tree, the server has been ready, if under the banyan tree is willing to take them out of the price, it is natural to the satisfaction of all, if you do not accept the new, under the banyan tree can only be forced on the line.

many netizens speculated that the banyan tree is the new will enable the international top-level domain.Com,.Net, or.Cn. Chinese enabled domain according to the current situation, in order to adapt to the new Chinese input habits of Internet users, under the banyan tree may enable the domain name may be.Com and.Cn.


query, "banyan tree" and the "new RongShuXia" Pinyin domain name (, have been registered, while and are a Wuhan registered company, users should guess is the domain name investor for. Now only has not yet been registered.

also has many users to guess, the domain name for the new version of the site on the storm claimed just a gimmick, under the banyan web site have shrunk, but still very valuable, so called off just to give up to happy medium an ultimatum, but the ultimate goal, only to perfect a resounding slap in the face, the acquisition of heavy rain under the banyan tree ( seems to be imperative.

confidence in the rain to let the who eventually lost some suspense, some users are in favor of enabling the new domain name. As of 9 a.m. in the morning, the perfect time for the rainstorm did not respond to the ultimatum.

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