Dede founder T Platon as a new team for

recently, there is a message to the ChinaZ editor said, Dedecms founder IT Platon (Lin Xue). Leave Mdt InfoTech Ltd, has confirmed to join ylmf.


DEDECMS founder Platon ()


according to the informed sources revealed that the wind with a special chef for the employee, either the boss or ordinary employees have to eat together, but also to work with the shuttle bus, in order to alleviate the pressure of work, the company has specialized entertainment area, ylmf also specifically for the love playing table tennis IT Platon is equipped with a ball table. Moved by IT Platon is also the kind of open and free work atmosphere, also shown in the field of Internet for the strategic ambition and also attracted Platon IT.

IT Platon joined for R & D may be responsible for, in two directions, one is to be open source 114la navigation program is perfect, also may be responsible for the research and development for’s core products.


for the billiard table


ylmf receptionist

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