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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network October 19th news, on Friday (October 16th) Alibaba announced to Youku potatoes Board issued a non binding offer, intended to per American depositary share (ADS) $26.60 in cash for the acquisition has not been held in Youku potatoes all the shares, the transaction amount is expected to exceed $4 billion 500 million.

this means that Ali will be a comprehensive control of excellent soil, following the Tencent, Baidu, the Internet giant has independent video services. Excellent soil will have had the data with ALI, electricity providers, Ali cloud, digital entertainment, film, music, sports and other plate seamless integration, Ali ecological system layout will be more complete.

May 2014, Alibaba to $1 billion 200 million stake youku. As of June 30, 2015, Alibaba group holds 18.3% shares Youku potatoes shares. The two companies launched a series of cooperation in infrastructure technology, big data and video marketing, Youku potatoes and Ali butt back, open up the big data, and Ali cloud collaboration in the field of CDN, access to Alipay, relying on the Ali Mama, developed a "watch and buy a series of products, marketing to build a laboratory, to help businesses expand video marketing.

for the acquisition, the Alibaba executive vice chairman Cai Chongxin said in May last year, the acquisition of part of the shares Youku potatoes, and carry out business cooperation with the company, the specific areas of cooperation include advertising, and some data integration. For example, Alibaba tried to match the Taobao user account and Youku platform audience account. And achieved good results. But if the company is not fully acquired, many cooperation will be limited. Therefore, Alibaba hopes to more closely integrate resources, closer cooperation between the team, it is proposed to acquire a wholly owned Youku potatoes.

in recent years, the video industry and electricity supplier industry increasingly close interaction. This is because, after all, two industries are in rapid development and fierce competition within the industry, the two sides in addition to the traditional advertising cooperation, there is little more in-depth contact. But the basic layout of two industry has been basically completed, the capital market of large-scale blood transfusion has slowed down, a lack of income, a lack of traffic, the two sides can complement each other to a certain extent, so logical together.

video analyst Xiong Fei think, for Ali, Youku large users, video interactive platform, especially the mobile terminal entrance, will become an important pillar of the strategy of digital entertainment group Alibaba; for Youku, the Alibaba’s business, advertising, cloud services, big data, and its ecosystem investment partners the excellent soil and fusion, produce great synergy.

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