Hefei real estate network development history two

now SouFun, SouFun as the real estate industry big boss, has the strength and no one can, it refers to the comprehensive strength, or only in Beijing, with its advantages of resources and housing in an attempt to clone to every city, the fact that this is not feasible, housing in Hefei suffered a significant The climate does not suit one. but, no big brother style.

is 2005 September Soufangwang in Hefei, he was in the local housing network has considerable size, after the initial housing into Hefei, the rich want to take over a real network to occupy the market, but Chen Zhi do not buy it, or underestimate the real strength of the housing, and could not give a reasonable price the acquisition is not successful.

Soufangwang had to clone the same pattern in Hefei, trying to rely on the size and strength of the housing, "shock" the local real estate market and Internet users, but in fact, no one can shock. From more than two years of progress is not smooth, although ranked in the second position in Hefei at present, but was in front of a real check, after the same heavyweight 365 real estate Home Furnishing net other real estate network chase.

sure, SouFun employees on a small number of large customer service is really first-class, even far beyond the real network, known as the "army chief" Chen Yimin, from Nanjing, was removed to the fertilizer sale activities are in the size of all the scene, as vice president, and was a young woman. It gives developers full face, in the Hefei real estate network world is a beautiful scenery. And, from the housing news team staff are female, this lineup for developers to do service, who can resist


this way, SouFun finally blaze a new trail in occupy a space for one person in the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, in the market. Currently, the fat in the big developers have basically reached a cooperative relationship with the housing, regardless of how the effectiveness of advertising, Internet users attitude, the room is really the service developers have been recognized. It is worth learning from other websites. (laughter: give you a website to find a bunch of beauty as a spokesperson, you will soon succeed)

should be said that with housing strength, should not be lost to real, but it has its own model blindly regardless of the actual local situation. Like YAHOO, Google, China, Chinese do not understand the truth and blindly copying, obvious The climate does not suit one. can be sure that, at present Hefei housing is a "geek", The climate does not suit one. in the room’s sub site, beyond count. If this situation can not be resolved in a timely and flexible manner, in time, the housing will be reduced to two or three Hefei website.


1 other people you can refer to the experience can not be copied, and even their own experience should be flexible use. Hefei can not be effectively integrated into the local market, very difficult to survive. When you see so many successful webmaster experience, no one for you, you should always try to figure out and plan.