August domestic website trading market information briefing

this month, the Admin5 forum website transactions up to 500 pen, is expected to reach the country’s small and medium-sized website transactions reached nearly 1000 pen

proportional profile


website to sell site history mostly within 1 years, more than 70%
            domain name website for the domestic CN domain accounted for 60%
          transactions accounted for 30%  in 100-300;     1000-3000 & nbsp; yuan about the total number of 30%

most of the reasons for the sale of 1 sites too much, just dispose of a few. 2 because the school, no time to take care of the site. 3 recent League slump. Station no income. 4 there are a number of dedicated SEO team in the operating site to sell the site.

website transaction type

QQ, non mainstream, movies, beauty, novels, essays, industry, etc..

QQ, the non mainstream websites about the price is 0.8 yuan -1 yuan /ip sale website mainly to 1000-3000ip are   QQ non mainstream accounted for the total transaction ratio of 40%

          movie information website 0.8 yuan /ip generally sold at about 500


beauty website price is about 0.4 yuan /ip is the lowest value of all transactions in the general website in 8000-10000ip

music website DJ class website because of the pressure of copyright, sell more, to 1000-5000ip. Transaction price of about 0.7 yuan /ip

fiction website about the price is 0.8 yuan -1.0 yuan /ip for Jackie program site sold by 1000-2000ip are the greater the flow, the higher the index

game class website transactions gradually hot, mainly for some popular keywords, SEO Traffic site in the sale, are priced at 1000-3000 yuan IP in 500-1000ip

another new hot this month, is the proportion of the sale of the forum has increased. Mainly some entertainment, Learning Forum Forum price also fell to an unprecedented 0.5 yuan /ip

thesis website price is about 0.9 yuan /ip price is generally IP in 3000-6000

web site to sell hot spots, generally in 100-1000 i>

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