MT new generic top level domain name before filing

March 1st morning news, the Ministry stated in the recently released documents, related organizations and units to apply for new generic top-level domain (gTLD), to the relevant materials Ministry for the record. The introduction of this policy is the background, the internet name and Digital Distribution Agency (ICANN) decided to open a number of new gTLD domain name applications.

MIIT website today, the disclosure of the Internet on the application of the top level domain related issues notice (hereinafter referred to as the notice) full text, on the application of the new gTLD domain name to make the relevant provisions. This notice has been issued at the end of the month.

notice requirements, the relevant organizations and units within the territory of China before submitting the gTLD domain name applications, the need to submit the relevant materials to the Ministry of industry for the record. Related to the contents of the record includes: the application unit, the details of the domain name of the gTLD you apply, as well as related to the construction, operation, protection, emergency and other related plans and other information.

in addition, the geographical name of the gTLD domain name applications, the need to submit the relevant government departments to issue support or no objection documents". This process needs to be approved by the civil affairs department.

the introduction of the new regulations is the background, ICANN recently opened third gTLD domain name applications.

had ICANN only in 2000, the two time in 2004 to accept gTLD applications, as of now the Internet top-level domain, including.Com,.Net,.Org and other 24. Last June, ICANN decided to open the application of the new generic top-level domain, which means that.Sport,.Food and other more targeted domain names, and even corporate names and other gTLD domain names will continue to appear.

The application of the new gTLD

opened in January 12th for a period of three months. The application will not be approved by the country / region name, geographical name as gTLD. According to the regulations, any organization can put forward the application of the new generic top-level domain name, but need to pay $185 thousand to assess the cost, in the case of some of the withdrawal of the application, you can refund.

ICANN was founded in 1998, designed to coordinate the unique identity of the global internet. According to the official introduction, ICANN is a non-profit public service organization. ICANN said that the new gTLD will promote innovation and competition, to provide users with more choices, especially for non English domain names. New domain length of 3 characters to 63 characters, support Chinese, Arabic and other languages.

these initiatives also sparked concerns about the spread of gTLD domain name. (Meng Hong)