Biography Jingdong want to acquire the service provider with 200 thousand merchants WeChat shop


] April 25th news billion state power network, just into the Jingdong’s original pat micro shop (now Jingdong micro shop) has recently officially commenced investment work. Recently, there is news that the Jingdong has plans to buy a WeChat service provider, its 200 thousand customers onto the WeChat shop.

billion state power network industry insiders Department learned that the Jingdong has indeed recently in negotiations to cooperate with Guangdong Shenzhen a WeChat third party service providers, as is the strategic partnership or acquisition, not the final result.

it is reported that the investment rules in the micro shop Jingdong, Jingdong intends to enter the micro shop merchants, can not open other third party platform, intends to exclude the third party service providers. If you have been opened by other service providers WeChat mall, you need to turn off the platform. Informed sources, after the acquisition of WeChat service providers, Jingdong can quickly move to its original platform vendor relocation to the micro shop system.

Jingdong micro shop in third party service providers under the exclusion of the policy, the future of WeChat’s third party service providers again by the industry’s attention. However, from the transfer part of WeChat services to billion state power network point of view, the Jingdong micro shop does not necessarily become the only choice for businesses, while service providers are not as outsiders predicted "cornered".

, a service provider that Jingdong in the quality flow entrance WeChat is likely to be a Jingdong micro shop for investment campaign, how the real situation remains to be seen; on the other hand, service providers are trying to open mobile platform outside the WeChat, such as Alipay wallet. Informed sources revealed to billion state power network, Alipay wallet or will be launched in May and WeChat similar service number, subscription number, and support for third party service providers, to attract merchants settled shop.