Wedding website class Ctrip survival to create multiple income model

wedding website in China at the beginning of the spark ignition, is currently in the supply chain integration, the establishment of resource barriers in the area of deep plowing stage, the future will be to multiple income pattern evolution.

"80" has become the main wedding market, more and more "90" has entered the Shanshan marriage, the wedding market showing characteristics different from the past. Holding the mouse up a new generation of love look for a home studio, hotel consulting specific matters of marriage, but also used from the network scheduled wedding Hotel, visit the home page and studio online consultation, the best route for the wedding and honeymoon in various schemes of inspiration in the forum, including budget, wedding list, and guests seating arrangements you can find the corresponding template on the internet". Home economy penetrated into all aspects of daily life, "mouse + cement" model has become a new force affecting the wedding industry.

"demographic dividend" any wedding website

in the new Chinese third baby boomers born in the "80 tail" gradually into the marriageable age, China ushered in a new climax. National marriage industry survey and Statistics Center released in March 2011, China’s wedding industry development survey report shows that in the past 5 years, China has an average of about 8 million 113 thousand and 600 pairs of couples registered marriage. At the same time, the rising cost of marriage. In Beijing, for example, the city each year at least 200 thousand pairs of new registration, each pair of couples in the direct cost of marriage between 12-15 million. 2010, the country’s only new town on the wedding spending reached 418 billion 300 million yuan.

of marriageable population increased rapidly, plus 80 and 90 more accustomed to through the Internet to find relevant information, in recent years the domestic wedding website grew rapidly, and the formation of the Advisory guidance and integration of the two shops wedding website. The first major release wedding wedding fashion guide, such as information, including China wedding net, fashion wedding network, their function based on information integration, the nature of media revenue mainly from advertising sponsorship. Second sites including hi friends wedding, wedding net and 721 married couples to provide nets, banquets, wedding photography, dress, car rental, MC and other resources, and given preferential treatment, is currently the main wedding website. Among them, the simple information to display the site, it is difficult to form an effective profit model, the development momentum is not as good as the integration of the class website.

overall, the current domestic wedding website although the development momentum of the early, but the market share is generally low, is still in the stage of melee. However, some powerful pioneers have established their own advantages in certain areas. In March 2011, happy net announces Taishan Angel venture capital, become the first domestic risk investment type wedding network service platform, which is proved in the prospect of Chinese Wedding Web site from a certain extent.

single business vertical website: resources for large

in the shops in the integration category of the wedding site, is also >

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