From the end of Shun capital five years layout A round B round of investment of over 70% 13% items

Abstract: in the capital, the investment of intelligent hardware is almost in line with the ecological layout of millet technology to do. Shun as vice president of capital investment Deng cyanine view, millet cast hardware, incarnate state of chain from long-term, strategic point of view, is to layout of the smart home and entrance channel.


Shun capital was founded in 2011, with his forty Lei and perplexed that sentiment, "go to the new agency name. Over the past five years, according to VC general investment period of 5-7 years, Shun is the first field quiz has to go in the way of capital.

as of now, Shun capital has invested more than and 100 projects, basic A round and B round based. According to the 102 investment projects, public information is available, which crossed the "C wheel die", which is the C wheel and after 13 companies. The first two years of investment in the 6 projects, 3 projects have died.

additionally, as a young VC agency, Shun capital currently manages four funds, covering both the US dollar and the renminbi. Which $225 million a scale of $two, $525 million, $three, $1 billion for a period of rmb.

According to the

Equity China data, Shun capital RMB fund with a period of LP (investors) in addition to Chen Dongsheng, Liu Yonghao, Yu Feng, Fu Sheng et al., Tsinghua University, Beauty Company, CIC and Ren Zhengfei to participate in the investment in Yuan Wo parent fund, Ceng Yu helm and jade Shengwei funds are involved.

Lei Jun millet was founded in 2010, in the intelligent mobile phone outlet. And Shun capital for five years, also almost stood above Lei Jun millet and homeopathic.


along for the capital of foreign investment institutions is to emphasize their independent identity, but whether it is a powerful LP lineup, or by the investor always said he was more willing to Lei Jun investment promotion strategy, "institutional Lei" and "millet guards" is hard to tear the label. From the point of view of investment projects, the proportion of CIS and millet investment projects also reached more than 30%. Three investment in the main line of intelligent hardware and new real estate has an inseparable relationship with millet.

one, A round, B round of investment over 70%


sina science and technology through the inquiry of public information, found that the company as capital investment, currently a total of 102 companies do a financing disclosure. Among them, the company conducted a number of rounds of investment, a total of 125 investment.

five years, along with the capital to participate in the A round, preA round and A+ round of investment total of 60, accounting for the largest. In addition to participate in the 13 round of angel round, to participate in the B round of investment from the beginning of the C round of investment in to participate in the 11 round of D investment from the beginning of the 4 round. While the E wheel is only 1, which is at the end of 2015 to rent E round > lovehouse

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