Sina micro blog define illegal marketing account was black account returned to normal

January 21st, Sina micro-blog to make the definition of illegal marketing account, will be included in the scope of the key monitoring. Sina said it will also launch a series of measures to regulate the micro-blog marketing market. Respectively the announcement of the illegal account mainly for the marketing field: one, release false information or fake goods advertising information, reported by the user’s micro-blog account; two, without the "micro task" platform to publish information over commercial advertising micro-blog account; three, micro-blog account foreign advertising pricing.

it is the market that is sina on the recent rising micro-blog Title event response. January 14th, Sina micro-blog grassroots large cold joke selection, micro-blog comedy list and suddenly disappeared, suspected of being deleted sina. The "joke" has 10 million 650 thousand fans, while Sina had several micro-blog of grassroots large made restrictions, but the direct account is suspected of causing an uproar. It is said that the black big roots had previously refused to join Sina’s marketing platform, and was blocked.

not much in dispute, voices, suspected of being the "black" account back to normal, Sina explained that the confirmed and micro-blog technical team, is the so-called "black" for system failure, problems have been resolved very quickly.

it is worth noting that, at noon yesterday at about 12, Sina micro-blog fails again, mainly for the micro-blog home page display scroll content place a blank, until 13 PM, Sina announced micro-blog recovery. Sina aspects of the incident after the wide network that may be due to technical reasons.

for a long time, Sina almost engrossed in the fight against spam marketing, but often because there is no clear definition of the title will move, and accused of opaque standards".

"micro mission" is a professional marketing platform, Sina micro-blog launched in October 2012, providing false information filtering, account value evaluation, promotion and support of professional sales and other aspects of hosting service for the third party service providers. The enterprise may authorize the "micro task" application, and through the release of the form of the task, select the micro-blog account information of the primary commercial paid micro-blog or Sina micro-blog into forwarding, charge a certain percentage, which is considered one of the micro-blog commercial test.

"micro task" operator said that the current account is still in frequent monitoring of commercial behavior scripts based account.

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