CSDN incident led to the exposure of the industry chain can sell hundreds of millions of packets

yesterday, the country’s largest developer community CSDN.NET admitted that the security system was hacked, CSDN database user login and password are compromised.

The official

CSDN said in a statement yesterday, after a preliminary analysis, the data is leaked by hackers in 2009 CSDN used as a backup, now I do not know the reasons for disclosure, CSDN said the public security organs, the company requirements "before April 2009 registered account, and after September 2010 have not changed the password of the user to change the password immediately.".

industry insiders said, in the online public CSDN user data, user data on the Internet compared to many stolen just a few more data, hackers have been sold for money.

ordinary user information stolen knowledge

Kingsoft Internet security expert Li Tiejun (micro-blog) yesterday said the reporter, at present also appeared on the network, including network play, renren.com 7K7K game companies such as user data, but the data is true, is currently not known. But more net CEO Li Xueling told the media yesterday, currently under investigation, has not been found to have leaked user information. Other companies involved are not official.

Li Tiejun said that these data have been stolen just when it is sold in the hacker circles, the price is very expensive. For example, the number of players on a number of game players can sell millions of users of the package price of $1 million, while buyers are mostly stolen data company’s competitors.

for ordinary users, the information is stolen is unknown. Li Tiejun told reporters, in addition to the hacker data package can also be used for profit, Internet fraud using user information, to the user to send spam, if stolen user mobile phone number, you can send advertising messages.

prevention: timing change password

network experts recommend that all users with weak passwords and all sites use the same user name and password to modify the user as soon as possible. First, use at least 2 mailboxes to bind or apply for web services, and to ensure that the mailbox password is not reused. Secondly, the important services to apply for an important mailbox, the general service with a secondary mailbox to apply. Again, try not to repeat the use of important service password, and regular replacement.

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