Drop prices net is defined by the founder of profit due to speculation questioned later

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drop prices network along with the applause with curses, doubts about the founder who is the real purpose of Baixing.

Liu Yong Beijing reported

"how can I use this site to profit!" Wei Baixing (a pseudonym) told reporters later.

Since the

network of large scale down drug prices for the public to know, accompanied by the applause with curses, doubts about the founder who is the real purpose of Baixing, and doubtful of Baixing through speculation to obtain commercial interests voice to occupy the mainstream.

recently, Wei Baixing again on the website released nearly 10000 kinds of drug delivery price and retail price, 14000 plus pre announced, the website included drugs currently has more than 25000. Who hope that through continuous exposure of prices, the formation of public opinion pressure, reduce the price.

moreover, lower drug prices will also involve network official forum to expand the scope of the medical field. According to Wei Baixing plan, this will be the big public platform for the integration of a set of patients, doctors, retail pharmacies, help patients to complete the disease, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.

destroyed the "norm"

Wei Baixing is pharmaceutical sales industry background, familiar with the circulation of medicines, hospitals and doctors unspoken rule. Years of industry experience and practice of health care reform three years observation, let him feel the reform of hospitals and doctors are difficult to achieve short-term, not to mention the implementation of "medicine separate".

The management system of

institutions is mainly bound by medical staff. Due to the role of administrative units and ingrained, between medical staff and hospital to form a two-way choice and more practice, the reform of public hospitals internal energy and the external power cannot be effectively formed.


, who Baixing idea is "quxianjiuguo". Since the reform of public hospitals in cooperation in the reform of institutions, can let the people to a certain extent, with high quality and inexpensive drugs are only to find another method in the short term.

"I think retail pharmacies can be used as a breakthrough to achieve this goal," Baixing Wei believes that the retail pharmacy system not bound and imprison, mainly for the operation, in accordance with the market mechanism so that the implementation of innovation in the field to be more easily. So, I see the retail pharmacies as a breakthrough."

net drop prices has aroused extensive attention, mainly because the site will be 14000 kinds of drug delivery price and retail price reveal to the public. In comparison, several common gap.


prices have a poor exposure, cheers, "Wei Baixing" really for the people; but on the other hand it is because of the destruction of the "norm" and give the curse. Retail drugstore owner posted directly in the drop prices network forum, "the surname Wei, you also let us open pharmacies live."

, however, Wei

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