Luxury trading platform Temple library was DG injection investment scale of 10 million

investment world news on July 19th, Asia’s largest genuine luxury trading platform Temple library group ( today announced the completion of the first round of ten million U.S. dollars of financing, the investor is IDG capital. Temple library founder and CEO Li Rixue said, A round of financing is mainly used in the first tier cities to experience the experience of the construction of luxury goods store library clubs and online identification system to build. Clearing capital is the exclusive financial advisor of the financing.

Temple library was founded in 2009, mainly engaged in second-hand luxury consignment, luxury identification center based on professional, temple library to address the issue of trust users to buy high value in non luxury stores. Temple library currently has an online luxury website B2C, luxury experience club, as well as more than and 20 stores across the country. 2010 sales of more than 30 million yuan, sales in 2011 is expected to exceed $200 million.

since 2010, online sales of luxury site access to many VC, including ihaveu, ihush, vipstore, serves network and website obtained from risk investment totaled billions of dollars in investment. But for many of the real luxury website, the lack of sufficient goods and suppliers is the bottleneck of its development. Many sites to luxury goods as a gimmick to fashion products fast sales model. At the same time, the lack of online sales of luxury goods defects are increasingly obvious.

Temple library CEO Li Rixue said that the temple library get enough supply through consignment ways and through the entity store mode to provide goods customer service service for users. It is reported that the proportion of new and second-hand goods in the temple library goods is about 2:3. Beijing is located in Campbell Street Temple library experience store library clubs, covers an area of 1500 yuan square meters, equipped with luxury art exhibition and trade hall, luxury identification technology center and maintenance service center. It is understood that the Shanghai library club will open in September.

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge said that the main reason for the Investment Bank Temple is optimistic about China’s luxury market, and the mode of the temple library to fill the gaps in the domestic idle luxury market.

Temple library CEO Li Rixue had founded the first domestic green regeneration bank service provider and green cube company, angel investors he Baiquan investment. Li Rixue said that the temple library through consignment mode, access to a large number of domestic high-end users, and this is the future of the temple library to create the domestic high-end consumer goods trading platform and provide one-stop integrated platform for high-end consumer.

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