SARFT shut down 111 unlicensed audio visual program service website

November 12th afternoon news, SARFT recently in conjunction with the relevant departments to download, garden of Eden BT&, subtitles download area and other 111 audio and video service website was closed.

it is understood that engaging in Internet audio-visual program services without holding the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" are these sites, pornography, vulgar and harmful programs such as piracy problem. Up to now, the SARFT in 2009 to investigate violations of the closed audio and video program site has reached 414.

, SARFT and MII jointly issued the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service in 2007, requires the website must obtain "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit in audio-visual program service". In September this year "on the SARFT Internet audio-visual program service license management related issues notice" and reaffirmed the Internet audio-visual program service website holding permits operation of the related provisions.

is closed for the following 111 sites:

1 download

2 boys free cinema

38899 free movie


movie web search

5 red film

6 latest free online movie

7 fast online



9 coin movie website

10 Chinese donkey forum

11 Guiping cinema

12 I want 3GP



147788 online movie

15 harmony HD cinema

16 thunderbolt movie download station

17 Eden BT>

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