Be careful not to be taking advantage of loopholes in the policy record DC

has a number of agents more treacherous, very unkind.

1 all current domestic transfer charges canceled, most agents charged 50-100 yuan and mailing fee, 100 yuan more than the cost of ownership, are not kind.

2 was the agent, will use a lot of requirements, your domain name can not be transferred out, there are 60 days of the deadline, the deadline, the registration card with you here and there. The purpose is to hold you tight.

3 was IDC, because of that you have illegal content, illegal content, by the public security investigation. You scared to speak loudly, but he took the opportunity to shut down your server, then sell his home.

4 was IDC, will use the record, no record of your reasons, directly to your site is closed, they jump to the IDC page.

5 was idc  not kind to the Registrar, many, many, many also do a scandal, write out their stories of violence with violence, can only do so because the network before the rise, network regulations and industry management treaty is not established, some like a loophole in the small companies or individuals more the reason and reason.

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