Kun Peng on This is why ‘m going to Lei Jun millet and praise

since October 25th, millet released the concept of machine millet MIX, in fact, it is not really the concept machine is so accurate, because the machine has finished, and sent to a number of media for real machine evaluation.


has always been hailed as friends of the black rice, Kun Peng on how to have to say a few words, it is worthy of this title!

actually, the theory of Kun Peng Lei Jun millet and a big praise!

from the beginning of last year’s strong decline and decline, from a valuation of $45 billion to $4 billion this was the legend, outsiders may be just the number change, but for millet and Lei Jun, but did not make money, like the crowning calamity, and the future is not optimistic, also can make people clear that "Are you OK?"


but this height was groundless talk, in the skies, in the fall when being stepped on the ground, there are countless eight pole could not beat people hate not to join in on several feet.

the fickleness of the world!

this word is really too, and once again admire our first people, always so wise! Now really not many people can use such a word to reveal a great philosophy of life!

August, OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong issued an internal letter said: "the situation is very good, but I like the thorn in the side, worried that OPPO was outside flattery……"

praised the millet how cattle breaking voice is not falling, criticizing how stupid X millet one after another wave of strikes.

in the face of such a world of difference, the heavy burden of Lei Jun millet and as can be imagined.

even once thought of Kun Peng, Lei Jun millet and so frequent mixed strokes, eventually becoming a second millet customer, even turned into an investment company, millet will become a legend China history.

, however, the release of millet MIX, so that the theory of Kun Kun really see millet insist.


first, is of its own mode of persistence, for OPPO and vivo Lei Jun comments, although biased, but in the world to say: do not learn millet OPPO and vivo


is like years ago, Ren Zhengfei said to his subordinates: HUAWEI does not learn millet!

is the "no", let HUAWEI and those learning talent shows itself, manufacturers have entered the bad state, and even some have been closed down or obliterate all, truly become a war in the history of the history of mobile phone China.

or take Chinese idioms or slang to talk about imitating saying pretty much, what dongshixiaopin, Zhaomaohuahu, grotesque, Handan…… apparently pure imitation will not have a good result.

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