China and the United States and Japan PKLine WhatsApp WeChat who is more powerful

are green logo, are information, voice, social distribution center, both in the local market share of absolute. China’s WeChat (WeChat), the United States WhatsApp, Japan’s line can be said to be the world’s three important representative of instant messaging software.

from the surface, they are no different, are in the solution of the problem of timely communication. But with the development of mobile Internet, they grow and expand on the three piece of land. Behind the development, is the three product in the function, the business model is the difference, and get to the bottom of its difference, the product of thinking and cultural background is the key of the three differ.

round: WeChat and Line WhatsApp

are equal to anything, the pursuit of minimalism


WeChat function is very rich, from video calls to mobile payments, we are covered in all aspects of life, which is also the adjacent Line.

however, it seems like every time crossover Line than WeChat in the slow lane.

Line was born in 2011, the year the earthquake and tsunami in Japan led to the interruption of communication, so Line based on free voice calls. At first, Japanese friends can not use Line for video calls. It was not until 2013 that Line developed this feature. The Line taxi, takeaway, payment function is to the end of 2014 and the beginning of the beginning of the line in early 2015.

the other side of the ocean, from the United States developed WhatsApp and WeChat functions in Line are very different. "Minimalism" is WhatsApp doctrine. No, no ads, no takeaway ordering of audio and video……

this can not help but think of once occupied the global market share of 60% MSN. MSN and WhatsApp are very simple products: simple settings, tool attributes are very typical, function focused on helping users send and receive information. This minimalist products in the United States more than that, in order to "burn after reading" the famous Snapchat is simply not up to scratch. These products from the United States to grow up communication products are not to the direction of the development of the platform, but to maintain the original characteristics.

from the deep thinking, the development of mobile Internet, the speed is not as good as China, American people more love in the end "PC orders" is probably to WhatsApp as the representative of the United States instant communication software function reason.

round two: WhatsApp users up to cover the widest



image shows the most popular instant messaging software around the world. Obviously, the green WhatsApp occupy a large territory. I >

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