n the first case of infringement of network hype or rights

today, my friend sent me a screenshot by QQ, and explained to me what happened:


My friend

for the operation of a social networking site, parenting class Aibao Mommy nets in the early start of the 06 year, because this site is very affinity, popularity has been so good. However, in 09 years in the New Year approaching, the forum moderator launched a entitled "2009 year of the ox immediately! Best wishes (SMS) language competition activities (the specific address of http://s.www.iboboo.com/viewthread.php? Tid=111331& extra=page%3D1, QQ is also shown in the screenshot address), has been questioned by Pacific family network market the Ministry of personnel, the reason is" copy of our original activities ", and threatened" will retain the right to sue for the final ", to read these after I can not help but can’t help laughing.

and do not say the so-called "activities" in the end is not the original Pacific family network, even if you are original, as a personal website also launched a similar topic even if the infringement is? Pacific family can send New Year wishes, Aibao Mommy nets cannot send blessing? Other personal website will be able to send blessings? Is it because of the "activity" is the "original" Pacific family, blessed the two word into your patent? Admittedly, currently on the Internet "copy reprint" in vogue, as individual owners for non-profit purposes some articles do exist the risk of infringement, the infringer is permitted by law by law means to safeguard their rights, but as "self defense", the network rights should also have degrees, who can not because of their own strength, you can just With the "adults" stick, any attack or threat of competitors. As the Pacific family station, it would be a "reserved" complaint Aibao Mommy nets this personal website "right", is the biggest joke in the world


it is understood that because of this "best wishes" topic on the forum, do give Aibao Mommy nets to bring some traffic, in the Baidu search engine, "the blessing" and "the message" and other words once occupied by the first search engine, while the Pacific family came in third pages later. The following figure is part of the 51.la statistics screenshot:


so it seems that the reason for the pressure on my friends through the QQ is obvious. In fact, this practice Pacific family network is very immature and ill considered, and the weight of the website ranking by the website itself is hard and whether users to provide practical value to decide, not to put pressure on competitors to decide, today you suppress the Aibao Mommy nets by tomorrow the Hebei mummy, mummy Beijing network, Shanghai network (in fact, Mommy Aibao Mommy nets the key.

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