Wireless search users will be the first Baidu in the field of mobile nternet cloning miracle

in the field of wireless search, Baidu is likely to clone its traditional Internet search market hit a miracle. In July 2, 2008, the famous Internet research firm Analysys released the latest report shows, the world’s largest search engine Baidu has Chinese with number 22 million 400 thousand wireless search users, Wenzhan China wireless search market toubajiaoyi.

in the traditional Internet search market, Baidu has nearly 80% of the market share, far ahead of other competitors at home and abroad. Baidu’s success in the field of wireless search, Baidu is regarded as a continuation of the advantages of traditional Internet search.

"search has proven to be the most frequently used application for Internet users, and this rule will also apply to wireless internet." Experts pointed out that with the issuance of 3G licenses and other wireless broadband technology, wireless Internet Chinese is for a new growth tide, then, the application level, the number of users and network coverage will increase, while the development of wireless search will be accompanied by the process.

compared to less than 250 million of Internet users in China, based on the market is more attractive to the 500 million mobile phone users. According to the statistical report from market research firm Juniper Research, is expected to 2013, the annual global wireless search advertising spending will grow to $2 billion, and the China and Far East will become the world’s largest wireless advertising market. This also indicates that the market will become Chinese wireless search search engine manufacturers "soldier a hotly contested spot".

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