An outsider’s micro business

The most powerful

Shuabing is derivative of


to do micro business is to stop sending product ads constantly tell you that his product is how good? Keep adding WeChat friends?

heard that do business to their stockpile of micro


also said that micro business is engaged in pyramid schemes?

you also told me that you shield a few students, the students have been shielded is doing micro business right!


actually, it’s just a superficial phenomenon.

said micro business, had to talk about WeChat. 2014 mobile Internet has become a foregone conclusion, Tencent’s mobile phone APP- WeChat is the current domestic mobile Internet overlord. Search, you will first think of Baidu, security, you will think of 360, social, you will think of QQ…… Talking about the mobile Internet, you will think of WeChat. WeChat is a derivative of a very important development platform, most of the micro manufacturers in WeChat to sell.

to a large extent, micro refers to the sale of goods in the mobile side of small businesses. 28 although not done micro business, but WeChat thousands of friends, more than 20% of WeChat’s friends are micro business, which sells the most mask, and then other cosmetics. More than 80% of them do not do a good job, the real money is not more than 20%, perhaps this is the law of the 28 bar.

there are places where rivers and lakes, micro business, there are also their own arena.

micro quotient since there exists the value of

micro business, I believe most people will think of the circle of friends of various Shuabing phenomenon, and then hit you hate these people even feel sick, dry mouth. So is the derivative of the 28 eyes, but you have not found: around more and more friends are doing micro business, why? 28 of that for the simple reason that these people have been doing business to read, suffer from a variety of reasons, such as venture capital, supply of goods, is not engaged in the sale of goods online. Micro business is a good solution to this problem, the demand will be met to form a certain size of the market, when most people are aware of the micro business, the market will become bigger and bigger.

‘ve seen many micro business WeChat classmates or friends, clear or implied: "others issued themselves by doing micro business selling this product already earn a lot of money, want to join? Please contact me, agent in." This information categorically can not be said to be fraudulent information, micro business is indeed a lot of achievements at home with the children of young mothers who do micro business so that their families more than a revenue channel. This is a manifestation of the value of the micro business, if there is no micro business development agency this model exists, there will not be the presence of the current micro business.

micro business success cannot do without those Shuabing

let’s take a look at 28 in January 2015 1>

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