Experts say the price is too low to the domain name cybersquatting rampant

      according to foreign reports, according to an Internet domain name registration agency, registered in Asia Internet domain events are increasing. Cheap is the basic reason to promote the Internet domain name cybersquatting event growth.

      general manager of Singapore IP Mirror Janna Lam of ZDNet Asia company said in an e-mail interview, cybersquatting has been a global trend. Now, Asia is catching up. The main reason for this growth is the Internet domain price is too low.

      Lam for example, Chinese ".Cn" domain name now the sales price is too low, that encouraged the growing phenomenon of cybersquatting. In fact, IP Mirror currently from China’s domain name registration agency where there is a very low price to buy China’s domain name, and then to 3 yuan per year ($2) price to provide ".Cn" domain name.

      domain name registered according to the anti American Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), the definition of cybersquatting is illegal registration or use of trademarks as domain names on the Internet or other online location identification.

      Lam pointed out that cybersquatting is global, especially popular in terms of top-level domain. Generally the more popular top-level domain name cybersquatting. She added that the key registered national top-level domain phenomenon is increasing, such as Chinese ".Cn", ".In" from India and South Korea’s ".Kr". According to Lam, the domain name cybersquatting, the cheaper the price, the higher the activity actively.

      Lam said the only way to deal with the cybersquatting is the positive protection of the importance of the business enterprise network domain name. This is closely related to the brand and product name of the organization.

      Microsoft last year in the United States federal court three cybersquatting, accusing them of illegal profits through the sale of the Microsoft product or brand network domain name. Microsoft vice president and Deputy counsel Nancy Anderson said that Microsoft has 1500 cases of violations of the domain name to take legal action, most of which are in the past year, the action taken by the 15.

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