Credit card offer disadvantages introduced Daquan

Now everywhere is to promote the bank credit card business, said their own card is good, you say who listen to. Ge You said good, I believe the masses!

advantages: high integral value; the stage is not accounted for the amount of gold; a lawyer service is good; the ID card is very personal, is to card fees; cash no fee;

disadvantages: fewer outlets; traditional Internet banking interface;

summary: suitable to compare the value of the integral friend;

— — — — —

advantages: to support TenPay repayment; "gold card" can enjoy the airport VIP service;

disadvantages: 400 customer service; fewer outlets; discrimination of agricultural accounts and men;

summary: suitable for frequent flying, and come up with the white card annual fee friend;

— — — — —

advantages that after half a year can be 100% cash; 56 days long – period; "everything" stage starting point is low (only 500); 48 hours of lost card protection; support alipay;

Cons: no 800400 calls, and 95508 are set up by local branches; fewer outlets;

— — — — —

advantages: high (the highest stage amount can reach 5 times) and does not account for the amount of support for Alipay;

disadvantages: less network; network bank is garbage; no 400 points are not permanent; telephone; customer service phone call not to enter your ID number, but you must enter the card number, like I have dozens of cards

where people remember the card? It’s not human at all. The nuclear card must be brushed once in 30 days, or you’ll have to pay an annual fee;

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