Case study on the development of e commerce from vip com

at the beginning of December the most attention in the industry, in addition to and Youku listed, it should belong to’s $20 million in venture capital. The wind for the electricity supplier, should be similar to the chicken, believe this blockbuster is a booster for the long-awaited B2C platform.

however, from my personal point of view, the investment event, for many B2C may not be a good thing. I think this round of investment will catalyze the awareness of many e-commerce platform for those weak electricity supplier, the living environment will be more severe. In order to be able to attract a limited venture capital, all electricity providers will be full of energy, the weaker the faster the death. This trend won’t last too long, estimated to be no more than two years, e-commerce market will complete a thorough reshuffle, whether it is the stock transfer route, or go online to expand the channels of the route, then each mode will only exist a few companies dominate the market. However, fortunately, China’s market is large enough, the composition and demand of consumers are not the same, can accommodate a variety of modes coexist. But no matter how, as it is the e-commerce platform ruguojiangzhiji chaos will end.

simmering crisis — a comprehensive B2C stock transfer route of the future survival of the enterprise

since we mentioned in the beginning of, then we will through the analysis of the typical case, to prove why I want to say: "comprehensive B2C stock transfer line is in crisis".

from the type of point of view, such as brand discount based B2C, we can be attributed to take inventory transfer e-commerce platform. In general, the strong brand strength of the traditional enterprise, there is no doubt that the incremental market, the network for them, not life-saving straw, but just one of the sales channels. There are some brand influence is not strong, coverage is not wide. This brand is generally less than three or four tier cities and the following, can only be reached even through multi-level dealers and dealers are not, and local consumers and brand recognition of the purchase needs.’s success has come from the fact that it offers an opportunity for many second tier brands to dump stocks.

also called into the FY FY loser, because and the rise of many second tier brands, but if you continue this way, it will reverse its harm. First of all, solved a number of second tier brands inventory problems for these brands to solve the worries, so that they can rest assured that the expansion of their scale of production. Of course, this is just a not worth mentioning the influence is the biggest impact of many brands of compensation to the electronic commerce will not be satisfied with the sweetness, making do for others, "their own to do e-commerce platform" the idea will call the author in a trend which cannot be halted, recently received, there are several enterprises, is who has worked with fashion brand.

on the other hand, the influence of industry rapid development, many traditional enterprises to enter the electronic commerce trend has been a trend which cannot be halted.

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