The new year is approaching the rebate website winter has just begun

led the development of the electricity supplier Taobao China Internet e-commerce, a considerable number of practitioners rely on Taobao union such a marketing platform in the Internet to find their own business, to obtain a satisfactory income. It is essentially a platform for mutual benefit, and therefore welcomed by the participants, but I am so Hello Hello everyone is about to be broken.

has now come to the end of 2012, since the end of the world did not take us away, then the new regulations will be the same as Taobao Union since January 1, 2013 began to implement. In the opening of the new regulations, the alliance will no longer support for the Taobao website (including Tmall and Taobao mart) cash back shopping to members or buyers of Taobao off mode, support only take back points, back to real return, rebate coupons, coupons and other non cash Taobao customer mode.

can be said that the New Year approaching, Chinese will be the most important traditional festival on New Year’s Eve, but I do believe that the rebate website owners are not happy about it, because they are only the beginning of winter. Why Taobao alliance to kill a mature industry in this way?

industry chaos stimulation Taobao alliance change

is due to return cash rebate website based on consumer behavior of buyers, so there are a lot of irregular rebate website, under the name of the rebate, deliberately delay, delay or even return to cash. At the same time, even some criminals will become a platform for MLM rebate. A variety of consumer complaints always let Taobao alliance determined to rectify such a chaotic industry.

Taobao alliance changed rules:

owners interest rebate stimulus

Taobao alliance change regulation, make a lot less rebate site, return cash has been replaced by the integral and coupon payment. Many expect online shopping can also save money users will reconsider whether to buy through the rebate site, so that the interests of owners will have no small impact. Although the shopping rebate site users do not break off, but never reached its popular level. While Taobao has been from first to last, the ultimate beneficiaries, whether to buy or coupon and loyalty through the rebate site, it can earn their own money that a copy of the.

rebate industry future prospects:

said it will begin implementation of the new regulations will make Taobao alliance, a strong impact on the rebate website, which forced according to their own means to development. It is also contributes to the healthy development of the industry is fixed, just for the rebate the industry will change its structure.

in the future will become the online shopping rebate site visitors look for discounts and rich rewards points of the platform, although it is not like the past is booming, but attract real consumers to online shopping. Users who are willing to spend here are looking forward to the use of these products in the next network

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