Double eleven six years of ups and downs the bottleneck of the development gradually the seller does

original title: "double eleven" six years of ups and downs

from the "double eleven" and more than a week, online and offline promotion activities have great in strength and impetus. From 2009, Ali initiated the "double eleven" so far, the electricity supplier to bring what changes to our life, but also can maintain the "let the world is not difficult to do business in the beginning of the heart? What will bring the change of the future, the electricity supplier


six years, double the change of what?

this year, Ali will double eleven registered as a trademark, its trademark with the opponent’s approach caused no small controversy. But it is undeniable that Ali is indeed a "double eleven" initiator. Ali double eleven sales, from 50 million yuan in 2009, soared to $35 billion in 2013. At the same time, Jingdong, Suning and other electricity providers have joined them, and ultimately the formation of the world’s attention double eleven phenomenon.

double eleven behind the red, is the change in consumer shopping habits. IResearch data show that in 2009 China’s online shopping market size of less than 250 billion yuan. By 2013, this amount increased to 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan, an increase of 7.4 times in 2009. National Bureau of statistics data show that during this period, the total retail sales of social consumer goods to less than 1.8 times. Under the uneven pace of the two quarter of this year, accounting for online shopping in the total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted for the first single quarter exceeded 10%.

with the increasing popularity of online shopping in Chinese, "double eleven" has become a "Big Dipper" national day of consumption.

for the physical market, the rapid development of the electricity supplier diversion a lot of tourists. The latest data show that the Ministry of Commerce, the monitoring of 5000 key retail enterprises in September to 1 sales grew by 6.3%, while the same period of online shopping grew by 32.2%.

electricity supplier greater impact is the change in consumer shopping habits. According to Bain Consulting survey, more than 50% of the respondents said that they both eventually online and in store consumption, can browse the website and compare the prices before buying; more than 70% of respondents from all income levels showed that they would be more online and offline as well as different between the electricity supplier price. Relying on the geographical advantage of good day shopping malls sit rental, has gone for ever.

development bottlenecks gradually

electricity supplier at the same time, the development of the bottleneck is gradually emerging. At present, the electricity supplier operating costs continue to rise. Analysys International analyst told reporters: "many people think that the lower cost of operation of the electricity supplier, but we found that if the overall considering cost of logistics and management, for sellers, most of the current business platform operating costs even more than the next line 10 more than 15 points. Therefore, the electronic business platform to attract more brands to enhance the scale effect."

famous financial writer Wu Xiaobo also said that I met a boss is to do shoes, he 2013 double eleven online promotions do 6>

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