At the super bowl Tmall Zhejiang TV made double 11 party

August 16, 2016, Tmall and Zhejiang satellite TV officially signed, which became the 2016 Tmall double carnival night, the official cooperative television platform 11. Signing ceremony, said the two sides will jointly promote the 11 party this super IP is more international, more innovative vitality. "Double 11 carnival night" is expected to be playing alongside "super bowl" of the international top IP.



Alibaba group chief marketing officer Dong Benhong (right) and Zhejiang satellite TV, Zhejiang radio and Television Group editorial director Wang Jun (left) at the signing site.


group chief marketing officer Dong Benhong attended the "today in Hangzhou Tmall double 11 carnival night cross-border cooperation communication" said, "this year 11 will enter the eighth year, as the world’s most popular consumer carnival, it has crossed the borders, beyond the boundaries of the internet. In this picture of a new business culture that is being used by consumers around the world, we hope that you will be able to witness and share the joy of the development of science and technology and the improvement of the quality of life. And Zhejiang satellite TV and other media platforms to join hands, we are confident with consumers, together with the business innovation, so that the 11 party will become a world’s top super IP."

attended the signing ceremony of the Zhejiang media group, Zhejiang TV editorial director Wang Jun said, "Tmall double 11 carnival night has global influence, and attracts all the young consumer groups in Zhejiang satellite TV will give 11 party brings a wealth of creative energy, bring more reasons to the audience carnival. This year, Zhejiang satellite TV hopes to work together with Tmall will double 11 party to create a more international, more stylish program brand."

Shanghai Jahwa has also confirmed that the group to take "billion yuan investment grade Tmall 2016 double 11 carnival night" exclusive naming rights. Looking at the domestic entertainment cooperation, the billion level party name fees may be numbered — but also shows the double 11 party is favorable for the degree of attention and.



2016 dual 11 carnival night planner, Ali fish general manager Ying Hong (left) and the general manager of Shanghai Jahwa digital marketing department and e-commerce company

Guo Dingqi (right)

if you double last year’s 11 party, "house of cards" President Kevin · Spacey, Ma Yun joined the 007 guards debut program is still treasure, then 2016 double 11 carnival night, will gather more top entertainment resources, the introduction of more international operation to create a multi screen interactive more subversive imagination, showing a more "international atmosphere" of the show broadcast for the audience to create a "new chapter TV + Internet innovation and integration.

it is reported that the Alibaba group’s big entertainment section, including one group (Youku potatoes), Tmall box, small shrimp music, UC headlines, Tmall, High German map client platform, the party will form a linkage broadcast matrix, 2016 Tmall.

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