Lotte Baidu joint venture company set music cool days website has been launched

in June 9th by Baidu (Nasdaq:BIDU) and Japan Lotte (Jasdaq:4755.q) jointly established B2B2C joint venture company announced to the outside world, will be officially opened the "cool" music as its online service platform brand name, and at the same time open domain:, for the majority of businesses to accept online registration.

was founded in 1997, Lotte, Japan is currently the largest online shopping mall, there are more than 3 thousands of regular brand manufacturers and channels in e-commerce trading platform on the lotte. Lotte is the global B2B2C platform model pioneer and leader. Joint venture with Baidu Inc, located in the building of China’s ultra large online shopping mall, to provide all the quality of Chinese consumers with genuine goods.

cool days CEO Nakamura Akihito told the media: the reason why the "cool" music website as a brand name, because it is Le Tian (Rakuten), Chinese transliteration, is also a good meaning and joyful elements Chinese name." He further explained: "our service philosophy is to make online shopping become a safe, convenient and happy thing. We hope that the majority of consumers in the cool days of this platform, you can enjoy a very cool shopping experience; I also hope that the name can be loved by Chinese consumers."


and Lotte Group executives had pointed out that the Lotte with Baidu to build up the "cool" music e-commerce website not only to further add vitality to the China e-commerce market, Chinese for consumers to provide more and better products and services, so that they can feel at ease, to enjoy convenient online shopping; but also for the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises China services, to help them grow together, share new opportunities for e-commerce market booming brought.

it is understood that Lotte with Baidu jointly announced $50 million at the beginning of this year, the formation of e-commerce venture, Lotte which owns 51% shares of the company, Baidu accounted for 49%. The two sides appointed senior professionals to form a management team.

In another

, cool days soon in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Qingdao city held a number of domestic large-scale investment. (end)

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