To promote the brand shop and small network era

Ma Yun always plays the role of prophet.

at first, published "winter theory" 3 months after Ma Yun had made a new thesis: "after the financial crisis, the new commercial civilization is about to be born". Today, with the financial crisis gradually faded, the new commercial civilization is ushering in a golden period of accelerated realization.

will be held in Hangzhou in September this year, the seventh session of the conference is "new network operators, network operators, the new civilization" as the theme. When the "2010 Global Top Ten Network", "the most integrity network" and other awards and a series of ecological partner award. According to the organizers of the Alibaba, the network to the General Assembly "focuses on the exploration and promotion of" net goods "age of the formation of new commercial civilization and set" integrity, responsibility sharing, "as one of the business spirit".

The year of

, is committed to promoting the "network era" Ma has been regarded by many as a "trick"; now, the number of network operators China as of the first half of 2009 has been expanded to 63 million. Industry experts pointed out that if the future of the business world as a new continent, then to new immigrants from the mainland has begun, the network is the first landing explorer. "In twenty-first Century, only a businessman, is the ‘network’." Ma Yun said.

by Chinese Academy of information technology research center and the Alibaba Group Research Center released the "new commercial civilization Research Report" pointed out that the net, net goods and network planning is the basic elements of the new commercial civilization. Net goods concept was launched in May last year, held in Guangzhou, the first session of the net goods fair. According to Ma’s explanation, the essence of network goods is the core and is opposed to genuine goods at a fair price, profits. Today, the network will be held three sessions, the fourth network will be held in Guangzhou in June this year.

Ma Yun believes that the old era of commercial civilization is the enterprise itself as the center, to profit as the center, rather than society as the center. Twenty-first Century will be "open, sharing, responsibility, globalization" as an important connotation of the new era of commercial civilization. Internet expert Jiang Qiping believes that the new business civilization is a global, China, if one step ahead, will make greater contributions to the development of mankind.

this moment does not seem far away. We can see that the city and community in various industries, emergence of new commercial civilization has appeared in the world, with some new commercial civilization characteristics has been hitherto unknown forerunner of success in the information age, and with an open, sharing the spirit led people around common progress.

Ma Yun is such a pioneer. As a "tree green home" activities to promote the guests, in Chinese green company annual meeting, Ma awfully busy, even since nearly two months spent nearly 80% of the time in the public ". Face questioned the show, "if Ma is not to regard it as right, charity is a show, Chinese these too need to show up."

Ma seems to be driven by the new commercial civilization is not only a new way of consumption, it also includes more content, such as public welfare, such as low carbon. >

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