Talking about grassroots WeChat store will be the three key elements of success

recently, WeChat shop in the WeChat public platform on-line, once launched by the outside world is particularly concerned about. Today there are some friends from the industry perspective to analyze the impact of the WeChat store for third party platform examples fully, it is concise and comprehensive, a dry cargo, but I want to say is that we are a grassroots webmaster, for the Internet technology information to understand is not thorough, we actually do not need too much. And what we need is more down to earth development proposals, from this perspective, WeChat shop no matter what effect to the third party platform, do not delay we use WeChat to do business.

The on-line

"shop", is a circle of friends, also blush marketing problems of this product development smoothly done or easily solved, with the launch of the market is conducive to standardized management, to curb abuses, further to create a "derivative" will breed hotbed, magical seed mass marketing industry. For the micro business, this is the long-awaited, is a golden opportunity. The WeChat store opened significant, is to establish their own micro business system and system. "Shop" opened to business is booming, bustling, there are three reasons.

first, WeChat strength to do the foundation. No matter what problems encountered in the development, how can shake WeChat in the teeth of the storm are not stable in Taishan trend. From March 2012 to set up in November 2013, the rate of growth of WeChat users faster than the Rockets, the number of people broke through 600 million, and there are big brother Tencent cover, the outside world has been referred to as the mobile version of qq". Users are no worries, absolute advantage of important resources. The store opened not the source, followed by a circle of friends is the original commodity marketing team in the development in the lack of consideration or unexpected problems, and these electricity providers are here to do a lot, but the big woods, what birds are, some people in the sale of fake goods, the circle of friends get The atmosphere was foul. management is inevitable, and blow. In short, there has been "fertile land", with all the nutrients, store the conditions for survival and development from the shop.

second, shop threshold everyone can cross. Shop is to create a native electricity supplier model, the whole process is very convenient operation, there are users to complete the shopping process less than a minute to complete the shopping process. The main point of care to increase the production of goods, merchandise management, order management, shelf management, rights and other processes, micro providers only need to increase the amount of goods through the end of the interface, in order to quickly shop. Based on the payment of WeChat to sell goods through the public account, do not need to have the ability to develop any technology, you can directly open the electricity supplier model, which greatly reduces the cost of investment. Stationed in the shop zero cost shop, transparent management, no death restrictions, flexible and convenient, truly create shop threshold everyone can cross. Now you can see, a huge mobile retail market is quietly born.

third, comprehensive factor for shop decoration building blocks". These factors are external and internal. I think first of all

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