How to carve up the e commerce cake

The development of

e-commerce, the reform of the transaction, but also changed the way people work. However, the face is now bigger and stronger elephant, other small animals how to survive, it seems that small and medium business owners headache.

here also have to mention Taobao and small sellers of the "ant" "elephant" war. In fact, we carefully studied Taobao on their own position, not difficult to find a piece of stone of road of small sellers are Taobao’s development strategy, the situation today is an inevitable phenomenon, Taobao carry out its development strategy in the process of course, go to the end, Taobao is also not completely abandon small sellers, but the development space of small and medium sized the seller will be more and more narrow, some small sellers will be squeezed out of Taobao.

Taobao to do so, because of too much e-commerce cake, with zero broken gnawing bite, as food for the happy. But Taobao is likely to forget that he is stepping on the body of small and medium-sized sellers stand up. Or more likely to be too confident, he believes that he lost part of the small sellers do not harm themselves. But he may forget, elephant elephant day, ants ants wisdom.

had small sellers achievements Taobao elephent dream, but these small sellers may also have an elephant and he again fought, said a little more appropriate, the elephant is forced out of Taobao.

if this is the case, the opportunity to come to other electricity providers. Compared with the technical level, the strategy is more important. In the contest with Taobao and other large electricity providers, not just focus on their own construction, but also pay attention to the mistakes made by large electricity providers. At this time, small electricity providers need more patience and careful and accurate judgment of the situation to the sensitive. Like two people fight, the winner is not necessarily a skilled person, but can quickly seize the other person’s fault.

in the process of competition with large electricity providers, first of all to reserve enough confidence, we should believe that they can survive, then we must believe that the other party will make mistakes. And each other’s mistakes will bring great benefits.

small and medium electricity providers tend to focus on technology development and business development, which is the case, or that it is necessary. But in this regard with the large electricity supplier contest, then it is likely to get nothing cheap. At this point in the development of small and medium enterprises to a certain stage, often can not be divided into more cake, and this time we must strengthen confidence, enhance the confidence of each other will make mistakes. Because of this confidence, in order to support the leadership of the spirit of the stick, so that its employees on their own work is full of hope. This is the foundation, is the foothold.

secondly, have enough patience. It may be a long time to wait, because any sensible person will think carefully and make mistakes when making a decision. So the other side of the error does not occur every day. In the face of the same amount of business every day, this is no doubt a torment. At this time, patience

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