After the electricity supplier pseudo price war 4 doubts

as early as a few days ago, the Jingdong at micro-blog mall CEO Liu Qiangdong high-profile has declared himself to challenge Suning and Gome, choose the maximum profit of all electricity as the breakthrough point, put forward all electrical goods online parity, online is zero margin, and line is zero element. In the face of the overbearing Jingdong, Suning and Gome also seems to be a sudden stop until later is not resigned to playing second fiddle, the price war, it seems that most consumers are still confused, although the heart feel good, but in the middle of the process, also have some worries.

this is similar to the storm coming price war, suspended in the soundless and stirless also let people play, some doubts. The truth is often heavy, but the price war is not really tragic, the author today to talk about several aspects of the next few doubts.

1 price competition between the three has a practical feasibility

according to the survey, the first careful comparison of the three declared war strategy:

Jingdong: Suning Gome cheaper than at least 10%

Suning: the product is higher than the Jingdong difference payment

Gome: Gome mall across the board commodity prices lower than Jingdong mall 5%

three leading electricity supplier price is relatively developed, once a lead in setting prices, the other two will have to adjust, after the first will again adjustment, according to the former two prices since then, enter an infinite loop, even may cause zero yuan sales. And who starts first, who will suffer the most. This will not only cause confusion in the internal price of electricity providers, and even disrupt the entire appliance market. Therefore, the need for the establishment of a price war courage, the facts also need some ability.

2 product quality and after-sales can let consumers rest assured.

the so-called "price war", the injured is not Jingdong, Gome is not Suning, but has been in the back of the supplier. For this war, the supplier may appear in two cases, the first is unable to withstand the price war, out of cooperation with Jingdong, suning. The second is the quality of our concerns. Low prices, there will be a large number of orders, and suppliers are not in accordance with the previous standards, to provide these products. Coupled with after-sales service, is not the same as before, reassuring.

3 price war will accelerate the decline of the industry

in the market, the price war and for the industry what are the consequences? First, we not only sell electric Jingdong, Suning and Gome, there are many dealers, small dealers, whether also to the price war to unnecessary consequences? Second, once the low prices of things will appear, lead a big purchase climax, then the consumption market in a very long period of time will be close to saturation, causing a slump in sales, further to affect the pace of development, the entire appliance industry and this industry will decline faster.

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