Taobao excellent station push social shopping guide officially opened to third parties

September 16th news, Taobao today announced that it will share the best shopping platform sharing platform will be officially opened to the third party shopping guide website and developers. At the same time, Alibaba group also announced that it will set up a scale of $500 million fund investment and support third party shopping guide website and other external partners.

It is reported that

Alibaba, the group plans to set up $500 million Ali partner growth fund, to support the excellent third party shopping guide website with external partners, through financial and data to help them grow together. This also means that the seller can come out in a single price competition, in turn to a more personalized products and services to attract consumers, thereby building a virtuous cycle of electricity supplier ecosystem.


group chief of staff Ceng Ming said, the future relationship between Taobao and consumers will not only to the commodity information center, but also for the community and open, businesses and consumers will be more diversified by factors together.

at present, Taobao is set to the station station, has become an important channel Taobao, Tmall sellers station marketing according to the interest graph and labels, and sharing of information will guide network information gathering a shopping guide platform integration of socialization, between the seller can according to consumer shopping and browsing habits of joint marketing.

"before, and mainly aimed at the third party open in the future, whether it is shopping guide, shopping guide, third party media, institutions, individuals or a variety of other types of the third party role, can use the advantages of self station site, promotion, brand building through independent operation, maintain and expand consumer." Taobao said that Taobao is president of Yuyan, for social shopping guide mode of self breakthrough.

According to

reports, for each assigned to the station, Taobao station will provide full free station hardware facilities, including servers, bandwidth, open web site, free and all kinds of encoding for buyers and sellers, industry dynamics, market demand data support.

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