Valentine’s Day online florist style all their own drainage lines into focus


] February 14th news billion state power network, online shopping flower how popular? According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "2015-2020 Chinese Internet on flower industry opportunities and challenges and coping strategies of the special advisory report" shows that in 2010, China’s online shopping flower trading amounted to 1 billion 243 million yuan, and this figure has become by 2014 10 billion 236 million yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 69.40%.

and Valentine’s day in which a lot of help. This year, the online florist who also play out what new tricks? Launched Valentine’s Day special, limited edition merchandise, Valentine’s day exclusive floral, coupons and so on, in addition to the conventional means of marketing, billion state power network noted that this year, online businesses have begun to consciously for the next line shop drainage. On the other hand, more and more businesses to pursue powerful alliances, such as playing cross-border cooperation.

to roseonly and listen to flowers, for example, the two have chosen in the WeChat public number for the release of the line shop under the article. Listen to flowers, said the user can miss the online ordering to the point of sale offline, more convenient and direct. Roseonly said that if the line of the flower box sold out, the user to the online store or a chance to buy at the same time, most of the goods support website orders, store from mentioning.

in fact, because of the influence of flowers by humidity, sunlight and air conditions, online shopping is prone to goods not board, the use of online orders, store from mentioning the way can avoid this situation to a certain extent.

media said the advantages of the flower shop is still very prominent, first, the price is relatively low, the two is to pick the store than to look at the image of a single show more affection. Therefore, it is not only the line shop layout of the electricity supplier, the online florist also in the layout of the line.


(left: roseonly right: listen to flowers)

like Fauvism florist, do not choose the "call" the user to store the line of the road, but to cooperate with ALI, Lancome, Givenchy flying pigs and other well-known brands at the same time, the platform, continue to invite Hu Ge, Luhan stars such as the use of celebrity endorsements, drainage.


(Lancome and the beast faction cooperation)

note, Fauvism and not only pay attention to sell floral products, in February 11th, it is also a lipstick, chocolate, jewelry, beauty and other goods sent a WeChat headlines, said these goods for money can not buy "Valentine’s Day gift purchase, and said the list can make straight learn to gift etiquette, as of press time, the amount of reading break 20 thousand.


(beast faction "efforts" to sell around)

In addition to

, the star effect

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