Vintage where the customer product development will shrink dramatically the costs of trial and error

CEO (micro-blog) aged Eslite (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) March 14th news, this year the electricity industry generally filled with a winter last year, relatively massive expansion, where the pace of this year also began to become cautious. All passengers aged CEO recently said that the brand can not be blindly old this year will certainly be very cautious, where the customer, product development will shrink dramatically, the existing eight will be very cautious.

Chen admits: 2011 every guest in the lattice shirt, bags, underwear, jackets and other new category made certain achievements, but also in the expansion of existing problems, extensive expansion brought mop, electric cookers and other unreasonable products, which bring worries for customer development, this is the cost of trial and error". In 2011 we also told what to do, what not to do, or temporarily what to do, what not to do.

it is understood that the shirt is started to star weapon vancl. 07 years at the beginning of creation, several business partners first Eslite pondering is how to make a shirt; then later shirt products continue to expand the business section of the classic Oxford spinning, square collar, slim stretch iron; thin flannel, casual style washing have been derived.


according to the relevant responsible person said, as part of the new extension product strategy, Oxford textile classic shirt in the second half of last year had a time out of stock. Because the old a long business trip, want to buy 20 pieces of standard shirt where customers can not buy. A spot on the site is more slim, or other styles of fashion buttons.

Chen said, in every guest on the platform to realize sales is based on some products, why in the process of doing the first started to throw things. The reason is very simple, because the company is to encourage innovation, and encourage the innovation and finally became old, so many things are not done deep well, everyone is very rough. Really lost the watermelon picking sesame seeds, lost sesame seeds and then go to the watermelon, it becomes a very funny story.

later told the old shirt team has done many communication, "general shirt users are non standard size users, they need the most standard products, where customers do need past Oxford spinning, square collar products".

It is reported that in 2012

, Eslite shirt product line of plough, the day before has recently launched a high-end DP for senior business people mature 80 shirts, 100% combed cotton business dress shirt etc.. At the same time also added wrinkle resistant and strong CVC fabric, and the fabric texture of rice in fabric design, to cater to young people in business occasions dress needs.

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